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Motivational Speaking

Speaking need not be didactic, but rather, reflective in sharing of a life experience and perspective in pursuit of one vital objective: interpersonal connections.

Georgios is passionate about sharing his experiences, the lessons learned, the obstacles encountered and the solutions found, the successes and the falls, his observations and realisations.
His path thus far has taken him in various places around the world and he considers it invaluable to have been involved in such a wide spectrum of settings, disciplines and activities.

Undoubtedly, a destination is important. But so is the journey; if not more so. It is the journey that truly defines the story behind each destination.


Exceptional presence. You inspired us all. Thank you!

Dr Theo Anagnostopoupos - Founder and Co-Curator TED Med

Professional in his ways, eloquent during his talk, inspirational throughout.

James Leitch - Director, Entrepreneurship and Scientific Hub

His presence gave a different tone to the conference and raised the bar for everyone else. Talks like his should not be missed.

Professor Anthony Kabas - Conference Organizer, International Congress on Physical Education and Sport

The true essence behind his speech is absolutely dynamic. When you hear his thinking and see his passion in all that he does, you will know why ...

Michael Stagos - Founder and Organizer, Disrupt Startup ScaleUP Entrepreneurship Event

An astonishing series of talents in one individual - supreme endurance athlete, clinician scientist, and master raconteur, Georgios’ talks carry a denouément worthy of Agatha Christie. You simply have to hear him speak to understand why he does what he does.  If you are neither moved nor motivated, you need medication - and he can cover that too!

Dr Patrick Byrne - Conference Organizer, International Rural Medical Conference


Georgios gives keynote inspirational talks in a wide range of sectors including the entrepreneurial, medical, business, scientific, educational and sporting, as well as after dinner talks for public and private functions.