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Dr Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos has diverse professional roles in medicine and science. He is actively involved in ultra-endurance sporting challenges and public speaking.

He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California Berkeley, a Master’s from King's College London, a Doctorate from the University of Glasgow and a Medical degree from the University of Ioannina Greece.

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\ Ultra Endurance Athlete

\ 01

Aegean Swim

In 2011 Georgios became the 1st person to swim across the open Aegean Sea. He swam non-stop from the Peloponnese to Crete, a distance of 101km, in 28 hours and 16 minutes.

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\ 02


In 2004 Georgios was a member of the Greek national mountaineering expedition “Hellas Everest 2004” a team which successfully reached the summit from both the south and the north side climbing routes. In 2019 he summited for the second time.

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\ 03


During his role as expedition doctor to Antarctica, Georgios swam in the extreme cold waters of the Southern Ocean.

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\ 04

English Channel

In 2000 Georgios successfully swam the English Channel, the 34km distance between England and France. He completed the swim in 9 hours and 20 minutes, the fastest time for the year 2000.

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\ 05

Marathon des Sables

In 2015 Georgios run the ultra-marathon race Marathon des Sables in the Sahara, a 7-day, 250km multi-stage and self-sustained race, dubbed by the Discovery Channel as one of the toughest footraces on earth.

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\ 06

Competitive Swimming

Georgios comes from the sporting world of swimming. He initially excelled in competitive pool swimming and later in life made the transition to open water swimming. In 2015 he was included amongst the greatest watermen in open water swimming world history.

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\ 07

Ice Water Fire

In 2015 Georgios became the 1st person to complete the Ice Water Fire challenge which includes successful completion of three of the world's most demanding endurance challenges in different extreme environmental conditions.

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\ 08

\ Doctor

Since yesterday, your heart beat more than 100,000 times - that is more than a clock’s beats in 24 hours

Georgios has trained and worked in various medical specialities including general practice, accident & emergency medicine and general & trauma surgery.

He partners with expedition groups around the world as their expedition doctor.

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\ Extreme Environment Physiologist

Take a step back - and observe the flow beyond the surface

Georgios collaborates and conducts research at the FAME laboratory, an environmental human physiology laboratory at the University of Thessaly in Greece. He is FAME lab’s advisor and field studies expedition leader.

He is an honorary core lecturer in extreme environment physiology for the Master’s degree course in Military Fitness and Wellbeing.

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\ Speaking


Lie down - if you like - and free your mind

Georgios gives keynote inspirational talks in a wide range of sectors including the entrepreneurial, medical, business, scientific, educational and sporting, as well as after dinner talks for public and private functions.

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