\ Ultra Endurance Athlete

In his role as expedition doctor, Georgios joined an international group who travelled to Antarctica.

The expedition took place in eastern Antarctica and gave the opportunity to all those involved to undertake several activities on land, as well as observe and document the glaciers and icebergs, the wildlife on land and at sea. They also witnessed the impact of climate change - even this remote and isolated continent hasn’t been spared.

Georgios brought his professional expertise to this unique environment; besides his specialty in expedition medicine, he is a physiologist with a research interest in human performance in extreme environmental conditions.

During the expedition, Georgios had the opportunity to swim in the cold waters of the Southern Ocean and undertake research during such extreme cold-water exposure.

He collaborated with the FAME Laboratory to record and secure some undoubtedly rare and distinct physiological parameters while swimming in the Antarctic water conditions. The Antarctic swim was a success, and in due course they will publish the results of their research.

Georgios’ participation on the expedition was supported by Evnia, the Danish based clinical and regulatory affairs organisation for which he is the Chief Medical Officer.

His swim was captured by Georgina Strange and Thomas Junker. A selection of raw footage is presented.

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