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General Medicine

Georgios has worked and trained in various medical specialties including general practice, general and trauma surgery, accident and emergency medicine. He gained medical experience in South Africa, USA, Scotland, England and Greece. He is currently based in the Scottish Highlands.

He works and consults in the following medical areas:

\ 01 General MEDICAL practice

Consultations can be private at the doctor's office or in a patient’s home, in general medical clinics, hospitals, chronic disease centres, nursing and residential care homes, accident and emergency departments, minor injury units.

\ 02 Rural and remote medicine

Medical support in isolated and limited access settings.

\ 03 Travel medicine

One of the major concerns faced by international travellers nowadays is how to cope with their pre-existing medical conditions, or even the development of an illness or health emergencies during their visit to a foreign country.

In addition, increasing numbers of vulnerable travellers, including older adults, young children, pregnant women, and even those with complex medical conditions, are choosing to explore and travel to more remote and adventurous destinations.

Consequently, aside from being expected to deal with a foreign language and a different culture, travellers will have to cope with different types of food, water, climate, a variety of environmental conditions and settings depending on the areas of their visits or planned activity on their itinerary, and even the unavoidable exposure to health risks arising from epidemics or pandemics.

The medical consultation before the planned holiday or adventurous travel, includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • General health check-up and evaluation
  • Assessment and management of pre-existing health conditions
  • International travel and health vaccination requirements
  • Assessment of prophylactic medication to be taken throughout the trip depending on place of travel
  • Assessment of potential health risks depending on place of travel or type of activity to be undertaken
  • Assessment and planning on how to better prepare if trip is planned in stressful environmental conditions, i.e. altitude, heat, cold, diving


\ 05 Holistic health, wellness and lifestyle medicine

Managing and caring for the whole person.

This area of medical practice considers the physical, mental, psychological, cultural, spiritual, and socioeconomic facets of an individual’s wellbeing. The initial assessment strongly takes into account a person’s daily lifestyle, their ideas, concerns, expectations, thoughts and feelings, while at the same time encouraging shared care planning, overall health improvement, self-management and preventative measures.

Consultations include, but not are limited to, the following:
  • Medical conditions
  • Evaluation of current management and planning for the future

  • Family medical history
  • Evaluation and advice

  • Blood tests investigations
  • Evaluation of results and advice

  • Radiological investigations
  • Evaluation of results and advice

  • Genetic testing
  • Interpretation of results and guidance

  • Exercise
  • Assessment and advice

  • Physical Injuries
  • Assessment and management advice

  • Diet And Nutrition
  • Assessment and advice

  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Assessment and management

  • Stress
  • Assessment and management

  • Mindfulness and relaxation
  • Guidance

  • Onward Appropriate Referrals If Necessary
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Expedition Medicine


Georgios provides medical support to expeditions in a wide range of environmental settings.

Preparation and medical support for individuals organising an expedition or a challenge event in normal or extreme environmental settings whether on a mountain, at sea, in the desert, at tropical or polar regions. An individualised approach is undertaken to fit the needs and abilities of each participant. Top priorities are medical management and scientific preparation.

All sporting disciplines are considered before a collaboration is agreed. Specialities include climbing, trekking, swimming, diving, running, cycling.

Medical and scientific supervision involves, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Pre-existing medical conditions management and monitoring before the expedition or challenge event
  • Exercise physiology testing and fitness assessment
  • Blood tests evaluation and monitoring during preparation phase
  • Planning of acclimation and acclimatisation before exposure to an extreme environment
  • Monitoring of acclimatisation during exposure to an extreme environment
  • Medical support and overall health monitoring during the expedition or challenge event
  • Injury monitoring
  • Training regime advice


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