Extreme Environment Physiologist

\ Extreme Environment Physiologist

Georgios amalgamates his academic credentials in medicine, science and research and utilises them thoroughly in the physical challenge projects he personally undertakes or the ones he leads and oversees.

He is a firm believer of putting theory into practice.

He is interested in better and further exploring how the human body and mind work, and continually aims to pursue this by learning through personal experience and exposure in the projects he is involved in. This in turn, allows him and his collaborators to contribute on the expansion of our overall scientific understanding in how we, as human beings, operate in order to adapt and perform more effectively and efficiently in the normal or extreme environments we are exposed in.


Georgios has been involved in research all throughout his academic path and beyond.

He has undertaken projects in the laboratory from testing tissue cells to humans themselves. He has organised, managed, led and conducted research projects in human physiology inside laboratory climatic chambers, as well as outside in the field exploring human performance under extreme environmental conditions. During his research he has collaborated and worked with departments in biology, human physiology, exercise science, psychology, epidemiology, genetics and general surgery.

At the present time in his capacity as extreme environment physiologist, he collaborates and participates in research within the FAME laboratory, an environmental human physiology laboratory at the University of Thessaly in Greece.

He is FAME lab’s advisor and field studies expedition leader.

Finally, in his role as chief medical officer for the Danish based group Evnia he is involved in consulting in the area of life sciences.


From as early as his university years Georgios has been involved in teaching.

At the University of California Berkeley he led university organised teaching sessions in biology and classical Greek studies. While pursuing his doctorate degree at the University of Glasgow he taught and led undergraduate human physiology laboratory experiments.

At the present time he is an honorary core lecturer in the area of extreme environment physiology at the Master’s degree course in Military Fitness and Wellbeing at the University of Thessaly in Greece. He is also an honorary lecturer at the International Master's degree in Lifestyle Medicine at the same University.


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